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PaintingLoft Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

In this episode we talk about a painting stolen from a Belgium church that might be a Michelangelo. I'm not convinced and I give my 2 cents as to why. We also talk about a Spider Man sculpture in South Korea that was removed from a playground area because it had a boner. Other things we chatted about were the Hudson Hughes Gallery opening that we are both in, our Strange Dreams Surreal Artist Collective show schedule for the year, a fellow artist got a painting of a mountain removed from FB because it was offensive, Instagram deciding to block a lot more content, Game of Thrones, TV series that are too big to delve into and more.

The PaintingLoft Podcast is about the "Dark Art" community. Exhibitions, Artists, Techniques, Ideas, Scandals & Crimes and all the things worth talking about in the realm the two host participate in.

Jessica Perner (Ward) and Scott Holloway are both artists exhibiting their work globally in the field of art that doesn't truly have a title but is widely accepted as "Dark Art".