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PaintingLoft Podcast

Jan 12, 2021

In this episode we talk about online t-shirt company that is ripping off artists work again. We talk about why Victorian Christmas cards will often have images of dead birds. A woman's garden stepping stone to get on her horse ends up being a second century AD rare ancient Roman engraving worth about 20,000. A painting attributed to El Greco is authenticated. We also hear about the Women of the Renaissance.

Other things we talked about were Korean soup, rabbit stew and my childhood pet rabbit, Grace Jones, Saint Stephen and killing birds, artists of the Renaissance time having access to models, Instacart vs going to the grocery store during the pandemic, Japanese dieting theories, German chocolate cake/cupcake and honoring a friend, the term "Babe in the Woods", hand grenades, German language struggles, wearing mask restrictions BS, uranium glass, Uranium glass radiation, trail cams, Tourette syndrome and more.

The PaintingLoft Podcast is about the "Dark Art" community. Exhibitions, Artists, Techniques, Ideas, Scandals & Crimes and all the things worth talking about in the realm the two host participate in.

Jessica Perner and Scott Holloway are both artists exhibiting their work globally in the field of art that doesn't truly have a title but is widely accepted as "Dark Art".