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PaintingLoft Podcast

Jan 6, 2019

Some guy steals the guest book of a gallery opening and he's filmed doing it. A Van Gogh painting was slashed in 1978 but the image of the damage is just now being posted online for the first time. Some Fashion News with a girl who made a bikini out of taxidermy. An Austrian artist Arik brauer. Some other things we chatted about were Charlie Z the boxing troll, Sister Wendy Beckett passes away at 88, Bird Box, our tarot card paintings, painting flames, snapchat, trying to learn German with an app, new years goals, and new years resolutions,

The PaintingLoft Podcast is about the "Dark Art" community. Exhibitions, Artists, Techniques, Ideas, Scandals & Crimes and all the things worth talking about in the realm the two host participate in.

Jessica Perner (Ward) and Scott Holloway are both artists exhibiting their work globally in the field of art that doesn't truly have a title but is widely accepted as "Dark Art".