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PaintingLoft Podcast

Mar 25, 2019

In this episode we took an early break and I paused the recording. As we got back to recording almost the entire episode, I never unpaused it. ANYWAYS Happy 100th episode! On take two of recording this episode we talk about a Bruegel being stolen from a church worth 3.4 million dollars. A "Professional Artist" sues a museum because they are not interested in showing his work. The Tate Museum refuses further donations from a family related to big pharma and Opioids. Another Museum chooses to pass on donations from a big pharma related family. Other subjects touched upon were beating up old ladies, old ladies stabbing kids, people caught on camera, the old Vine App, messy studios, time lapsing, Ingress, live streaming and more.

The PaintingLoft Podcast is about the "Dark Art" community. Exhibitions, Artists, Techniques, Ideas, Scandals & Crimes and all the things worth talking about in the realm the two host participate in.

Jessica Perner and Scott Holloway are both artists exhibiting their work globally in the field of art that doesn't truly have a title but is widely accepted as "Dark Art".